Feeding fruit trees

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Feeding fruit trees

Hi guys,

I have just brought some fruit trees (lemon/lime, manderine, apple and peach) they are in large pots and am wondering what and how often to feed them?

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Hi Rebecca, I would top

Hi Rebecca,

I would top dress your trees with sheep poo and / or compost in spring and later summer. I guess you could use organic pellet sort of fertilizers, but feeding the soil, not just the plant is the go, I think. If you don't do anything you'll notice the soil / mix level drop down anyway.

Look after them well and your apple and especially peaches and nectarines can grow that quickly that the trunks or branches are not strong enough to support the growth - so cut back if needed.

Citrus leaves tend to yellow with cold and / or iron / magnesium deficiency (I think) so that might need attention (like watering with epsom salts) and to avoid anything that might raise the pH of the soil / pot mix such as grey water and mushie compost. There are special ferts for citrus, but water, sun and especially rich soils go a long way. Glowinski is a very good ref with the different citrus.

If you are the proud owner and / or controller of boys you could get them to urnate into the pots, but not if you keep them near the back door under the pegola where you're planning your family xmas do and intend lolling around with flutes on a balmy summer evening. No, I wouldn't recommend you recommend it.