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Library Loans Procedure

  1. Library opens on general meeting nights half an hour before the meeting starts. 7pm. Recommended arrival time is 6.30pm.
  2. The library is for members only. Members may borrow 3 books and one current magazine. There are no limits on non current magazines.
  3. Only current financial members can borrow items. Refer to list of current financial members.
    Paid members list is stored inside Loans register or refer to treasurer.
    Borrowing time preferably 7.00-7.30pm and then after guest speaker 9.00-9.30pm.
  4. When members borrow ensure all data is added to loan register:
    Headings: Borrower’s Name, Book/Mag Number, Title, Date borrowed and Date returned.
    Give borrower a loans reminder slip.
  5. Librarian to check overdue items and contact member to remind them to return items. Items are returned on meeting night or if unable to attend the meeting arrange to return items to librarian at home (box at front door) or contact another committee member.
  6. Members with overdue items may not borrow more items.
  7. Overdue items must be returned by the 3rd meeting after borrowing or item must be replaced or paid for. ie: After the item has been borrowed for six months (3 meetings) item must be replaced or paid for.
  8. Items returned at each meeting are entered on the loans register under date returned column. Books are to be placed in the original shelf position in Dewey Decimal order.